We believe in investing in long-term relationships to build trust and to achieve change through inclusive and participatory approaches.

Working in partnership is fundamental to INASP’s approach to capacity development. 

Partnership matters to INASP because (driven by our values) it is the right way to work and because it is the most effective way of achieving lasting change.

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We are committed to strong and collaborative partnerships, coupled with the determination to listen to and learn from Southern partners. This means:

  • Respecting and enabling local leadership, and making decisions together.
  • Understanding local contexts: A good understanding of the social and political contexts and the power dynamics within which we and our partners operate, enables us to shape and adapt our work and maximise the chances of achieving significant and sustainable change.
  • Continually improving our capabilities and methodologies, in order to develop more appropriate and responsive approaches that reflect the needs of our partners and the most promising opportunities for achieving lasting change.
  • Mutual learning: Partnerships are about developing capacity on both sides. It is through listening to partners, understanding their needs and constraints, sharing our own ideas and thinking, but retaining humility and being open to challenge, that we learn and improve our work for the future. 

Our most important partnerships are with organisations within Southern knowledge systems. Enabling change is about empowering partners to achieve their own ambitions, develop their own capacity and unleash their talent.

An important part of our role is not only work with individual partners, but to connect them together, to foster learning, bring new insights, and to enable more significant change. 

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