About us

We are an international development organization with over 30 years’ experience of working with a global network of partners in Africa, Latin America and Asia.

We believe that contributing to stronger and more equitable ecosystems will enable and empower knowledge producers and users to address the key development challenges and improve lives. 

To realize this potential, we work in partnership to strengthen the capacity of individuals and institutions to produce, share and use research and knowledge, in support of national development.

Evidence and knowledge are central to solving development challenges. This has been a cornerstone of INASP’s work since 1992 and will remain the core driving force as we continue to support Southern – and global – research and policy in the future.

Why we exist

To fight hunger, climate change, disease, inequality and other global challenges, research and evidence is  vital. Knowledge and evidence enable solutions that address global challenges and transform lives.

But we see voices that are not heard, talent that is wasted and research which is not used. Inequities within and between research and knowledge systems prevent the full potential of talent from being brought to bear on local and global challenges.

Researchers and decision makers in developing countries encounter fundamental barriers to producing, communicating and using research and evidence. 

To realise our vision to put research and knowledge at the heart of development, we need to see a system in which these missing voices are heard. With our partners, INASP is working towards a research and knowledge system that includes every voice and fosters every talent.

We call this an equitable knowledge ecosystem.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are about partnership and shared responsibility for changing our world for the better.  Working in global coalition with the many actors all over the world, and particularly in the South, who are working to support knowledge and research, we can unleash the talent, and together make a significant contribution towards achieving the SDGs.

Our pathway of change

INASP strategy 2020-2025


INASP annual review 2022