Executive Director
Photo of Jon Harle

Jon is INASP's Executive Director. Jon leads our global team, working with our partners across the world to deliver high impact programmes that generate new knowledge, enable young people to thrive, and that build more equitable knowledge ecosystems. 

Jon is responsible for developing and implementing INASP's overall strategy, leading our business and partnership development, and ensuring the overall quality and impact of our programme delivery. Jon joined INASP in 2013 and was previously our Director of Programmes. He has worked at the intersections of research capacity, higher education and international development for the last 18 years and has advised bilateral and multilateral agencies and programme evaluation teams. 

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Key skills and expertise:

  • Programme strategy and management
  • Project design and development
  • Partnership development and management
  • Financial management
  • Team and programme leadership
  • Research and analysis
  • Higher education and development
  • Research and knowledge systems
  • Capacity development

Selected publications:

Research and Higher Education
Management & Operations