Research Writing MOOC sponsorship

Join us to receive a tailored learning journey for your researchers and open up opportunities for the global research community

INASP’s tried and tested Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) provide your researchers with the confidence, knowledge and skills needed to publish and communicate their work – and we are inviting you to join us by becoming one of our first MOOC sponsors.

Publishing and communicating research for impact 

A good researcher is known by her number of publications, and the information in these publications can inform policy and contribute to development. I had never published a paper, and each time I tried, I felt discouraged. I decided to take the course to better understand how to publish a scientific research paper.
Atebeh Lekah, University of Yaounde, Cameroon and INASP MOOC participant

By sponsoring a MOOC, you will not only support the research impact of your team, but will also ensure that our high-quality courses remain available and free at the point of access to researchers across the globe, enabling individuals outside of funded projects or networks to benefit too.

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To discuss MOOC sponsorship options, please contact Andy Nobes, Programme Specialist


What are INASP MOOCs?


Our six to eight week Massive Open Online Courses equip social science and science researchers from Southern institutions with the skills to write, publish and communicate their work. They are particularly suitable for early career researchers, or those with limited experience in publishing papers in reputable peer-reviewed journals. 

Upcoming MOOCs: 

Research Writing in the Social Sciences 6 April 2020 to 19 May 2020 (six weeks) 
Research Writing in the Sciences 8 September to 20 October 2020 (six weeks)

Participants have increased confidence as a result of taking part in an INASP MOOC, and many go onto submit better papers, with more getting published.  
2018 AuthorAID impact study survey

We work with you to provide a tailored learning journey for your research team, allowing you to:

  • Encourage greater research collaboration with access to a private discussion area
  • Tailor facilitation to benefit your researchers with opportunity to appoint an additional facilitator from your own team
  • Enhance your researchers’ learning through detailed, constructive feedback with access to your own ‘assessment and grading space’.
  • Maximise the course completion rates for your researchers with personalised reminder emails and prompts.
  • Track how well your researchers are progressing with access to  learning analytics
  • Receive formal recognition as a provider of support to researchers, with your logo and name on the final course completion certificate.

The online course has positively affected almost every aspect of my academic life. 
Ghanaian participant, Online Research Writing Course, 2015

Sponsorship investment

INASP’s MOOCs are a low-cost investment for a high quality, tried and tested course with lasting impact. Investments start from £1,800 for sponsors located in the Global South or £3,000 for sponsors in the Global North*

Online courses are an incredible opportunity to reach many people, as they offer quality content with nominal costs.
Samuel Yigzaw, Director, ICT & Tele-Education Center, Eritrea Institute of Technology and INASP MOOC participant 2018

We also offer upgraded packages of additional benefits for your team including:

  • Additional learning modules
  • Hands-on writing & editing help from expert facilitators
  • Bespoke adaptation of learning modules

* Sponsorship investment is tiered so that teams and institutions in low-income settings invest less than those in high-income settings