Women in Science: Inspiring the next generation

More than 1600 female early-career researchers signed up to our most recent AuthorAID Research Writing in the Sciences online course. To celebrate International Day for Women and Girls in Science, we asked some of those participants to share what most excites them about their work, the challenges they face and what they would say to women and girls considering going into their research area.


Read haematologist Angela Ogechukwu Ugwu's story

Research has no limits to one’s sex or background. Everyone is encouraged to make a contribution to the world of knowledge.


Read food security researcher Aulath Mustafa's story

Being an agriculture scientist is such an honour because we are participating directly in minimizing hunger and food insecurity in our societies.

Read cassava researcher Akinde Halimat Afolasade's story

I want to encourage the disabled that no matter what you put your mind to achieve, with determination and persistence, you can achieve. Disability is not inability.

Read civil engineer Marie Grace Umumararungu's story 

Engineering made me who I am today. Engineering helped me with my critical thinking skills and my ability to analyze problems or challenges starting from basic fundamentals.

Read civil engineer Pedzisayi Joy Makumbe's story

It is not an easy road, but you have to be tough. Never give up!


Read tropical disease doctor Rawa Ali Hamad Badri's story 

There's nothing greater than helping in the prevention of such a disease and its debilitating complications.

Read antimicrobial resistance researcher Sherifat Balogun-Raji's story

Africa is blessed with so much intellectual capacity, and plants and herbs of immense therapeutic abilities. We must play our part to see that the menace of antimicrobial resistance is stopped swiftly.

Read climate and agriculture researcher Shobha Poudel's story

I am motivated by the desire to improve food security and agricultural production for my country and enhance the resilience of vulnerable people.

Read biodiversity researcher Herimino Manoa Rajaonarivelo's story

Conservation is a need; however, never neglect the human dimension of conservation.

Read microbiologist Olajumoke Olufemi's story

Women and girls must not shy away from pursuing a career in the sciences; they must arise to change the current narrative where we only make up 30% of the world’s researchers.

Read plant scientist Dhanesha Nanayakkara's story

I would like to say to the new generation of scientists, do your best in whatever you do, have faith in you, never give up, work hard until you get a result. 

Read telecoms engineer Amal Hassan's story

Resources about new scientific research and applications are blocked because of sanctions on my country.

Read life scientist Josephine Ukomadu's story

The area of molecular breeding is interesting as it would help the breeding of improved varieties of crops.

Read analytical chemist Ebelechukwu Christiana Mmuta's story

I discovered new things that will help to enlighten the society on how to improve their standard of living.