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Voice of Early Career Researchers Study 2020

A study of research culture, researcher perceptions of their work and the research environment in the Global South.
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In this time of global crisis, research and evidence are more important than ever. A new study from INASP, carried out as part of the GPEKE project, shows that researchers in the Global South want their research to transform lives and are optimistic and positive about their ability to do so. The study piloted a Research Positivity Index, which will monitor researcher perceptions of their work and their research environment in the coming years and help to build a better picture of research culture in the Global South.

The study also confirms some well-known challenges that southern researchers face, both at home and globally. These include gender inequity, inequity in research collaborations, access to funding, and an ongoing pressure to prioritise academic publishing over other types of impact.

Challenges can affect who chooses to be a researcher, the types of choices a researcher makes in their career, whether they will stay in that career, and where they carry out their research. Decision-makers and funders need to look at ways to address these inequities to better support early-career researchers in the Global South.


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