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Transforming learning by rethinking teaching

This learning brief shares lessons from the TESCEA partnership and recommendations for implementing a transformative teaching and learning approach in higher education institutions (based on our experience in an East African setting).

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The Transforming Employability for Social Change in East Africa (TESCEA) project (2018-2021) worked

to redesign courses and transform teaching and learning in higher education in Tanzania and Uganda to

help address the disconnect between the teaching and learning that students experience in university

and the needs of the labour market or what they need to create their own entrepreneurial ventures when

they graduate.

An important element in TESCEA’s approach to equipping students with relevant skills was to identify the skills required by the labour market and to map them onto a recognised framework for transformative learning. In this learning brief, we explain this approach and our lessons learned from implementing it in four East African universities.

Tanzania (United Republic of)
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