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A researcher's story: Using AuthorAID resources to support my research

In this case study Farooq Azam Rathore discusses how he used the AuthorAID resources as a virtual mentor.
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Farooq Azam Rathore speaks about how he used the AuthorAID resources as a virtual mentor. Through blog posts, writing tips and the library, he continues to make use of the resources available on the AuthorAID website.

One of the biggest challenges a young researcher from a developing country faces is how to find a good mentor who can guide him or her in the right direction, helping them to realise their potential. While I was unable to find such a mentor in my home country, Pakistan, I was lucky to find a virtual mentor; AuthorAID. The best thing about AuthorAID as a virtual mentor is its 24/7 availability. It offers a wealth of resources and knowledge that are hard to find elsewhere. In addition it offers opportunities for broader networking with likeminded colleagues and peers all around the globe. 

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