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Online health information access and use: review and evaluation

This report is an external review and evaluation of the 'Online health information access and use' programme.
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The 'Online health information access and use' programme was a national-level, intensive, capacity development and training programme on online information access and use for health sector librarians, researchers and professionals within Vietnamese universities with health focused programmes and research activities. This was a joint programme of INASP, the Hanoi School of Public Health (Vietnam) and the International Network for Online Resources and Materials (INFORM, Sweden). It took place from 2008-2011 and was supported by Atlantic Philanthropies

This report is an external review and evaluation of the programme. It was undertaken to:

  • see if the model used to deliver this training programme works
  • determine if the programme has achieved its objectives
  • see if the training methodologies, particularly the intensive approach, have been effective
  • capture lessons which can be shared with national and international development, health information and training communities

The review covers many areas and findings including: key observations; evaluation findings; challenges identified; and a set of recommendations and learning that may be of interest to people considering similar information training programmes.