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Leveraging AI to advance early career research in East Africa: a strategic dialogue

Report of an online event to explore how artificial intelligence could unlock new support for early career researchers in East Africa.
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As part of our AuthorAID programme, INASP convened an online dialogue on 28 November to explore the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to support early career researchers and to strengthen research systems in East Africa. It built on an earlier event, in July, which considered the impact on teaching and learning.

The event featured contributions from Jon Harle (INASP Director of Programmes), Dr Kendi Muchungi (INASP Associate and Aga Khan University), Nafisa M. K. Elehamer (AuthorAID Steward and Universities of Debrecen / Khartoum) and Dr Robyn Read (Mastercard Foundation and independent researcher). 

While acknowledging the significant concerns around AI, including bias and exclusion, and the need for new policy and effective guardrails, we chose to focus on practical use cases in research, to assist participants to build understanding and familiarity. 

The event included a discussion on broader issues facing researchers East Africa, and a live demonstration of ChatGPT to show how it could be used to address some of those challenges. The following report was compiled from the recording of the event, using AI tools to assist

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