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SEDI learning brief 3

Civil Service capacity development in Ghana: Lessons from past and existing structures and initiatives

This brief highlights the main elements of the capacity development system in Ghana’s Civil Service and identifies key existing issues affecting these elements.

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This brief reflects the findings from a  comprehensive scoping study undertaken as part of Strengthening Evidence Use for Development Impact (SEDI) programme - funded by UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) - that worked on increasing the use of evidence by policymakers in Uganda, Ghana, and Pakistan.

The study assessed how capacity development is understood and undertaken within the Civil Service in Ghana, and it identified potential entry points for future capacity development interventions.

While the SEDI programme had a particular interest in capacity development as a means of contributing to embedded, transparent, and instrumental use of evidence in policymaking, this brief offers insights for practitioners from other sectors who are interested in capacity development in Ghana’s Civil Service.

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