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Annual review 2017-18

This year’s all-digital annual review takes the theme of organizational change, looking back at the work of INASP and our partners over the past year ahead and looking ahead to the future.

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Why organizational change matters

Supporting research and knowledge systems with real and last capacity

From identifying risk factors in the spread to HIV or tracking down an elusive, deadly disease to planning crop planting cycles to mitigate for the effects of climate change, research and knowledge saves lives. That's why INASP’s mission is to support Southern individuals and institutions to produce, share and use research and knowledge.   

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But at INASP it is not just the end results that matter to us and to our partners; our approaches to capacity development are central to everything we do. We believe that working in an integrated and systemic way, and designing for sustainability from the start, is most effective in realizing longer-term development.   

This year’s all-digital annual review takes a closer look at INASP’s thinking, approach and work with partners, with a particular focus on our recognition that supporting organizational change is a critical element in capacity development and ensuring appropriate structures and processes are in place to ensure that projects are sustainable beyond the lifetime of our involvement. 

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