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Annual Review 2016-17

In our 2016-2017 Annual Review we celebrate INASP’s continued work to help strengthen research and knowledge systems across the world in order to bring Southern knowledge to bear on local and global challenges.

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Since launching our five-year strategy last year, we are proud of what we have achieved by strengthening the capacity of individuals and institutions to produce, share and use research and knowledge.

In this annual review, we highlight some of our stories where we are:

  • Building an evidence culture in Southern governments through a new diagnostic tool that supports public institutions to improve knowledge use in policy making.
  • Developing critical thinking skills with Southern students by establishing partnerships and piloting approaches so they can play a greater role in their countries’ development.
  • Tackling the gender gap in higher education by addressing inequalities.
  • Improving quality and credibility of Southern research publishing with a new framework that provides international accreditation and support for Southern journal publishing processes.
  • Strengthening leadership of national library networks to support sustainable access to research

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