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Ethiopian Gender Learning Forum participants

Addressing gender disparities to create a more equitable knowledge system in Ethiopia

This learning brief shares lessons learnt from the partnership between EAS and INASP to strengthen the research system in Ethiopia

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Globally, women are underrepresented in research and university leadership. This also holds true in Ethiopia, where women make up only 11.5% of all researchers and hold around 10% of executive positions at universities or research institutions.  

Grounded in our shared objectives and commitment to equity, during 2019-2022 EAS and INASP worked in partnership to strengthen Ethiopia's research system and to address barriers to women's participation in it. 

Key achievements 

  • Establishment of the Ethiopian Gender Learning Forum (EGLF). The EGLF is a national forum which aims to foster gender equity in Ethiopia’s universities and research institutions. The forum currently has more than 70 individual and institutional members throughout Ethiopia. 

  • Creating conducive institutional environments for women researchers. Following their participation in workshops hosted by the EGLF several institutions have taken action to address gender barriers. As examples, the University of Gondar has created a competitive call for research grants aimed specifically at women academics and Salale University has provided training on manuscript writing and systematic review specifically for women academics.  

  • An evolution in the EAS’ programme from isolated activities to address gender to an integrated gender programme. An integrated programme will contribute to sustainability and greater impact of activities. 

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