Public Library Revitalisation

Project description

In order to increase access to and use of information by the public, INASP was asked to work with national and public library associations in Africa to enable the development of strategic and work plans, training and the research and publication of newsletters, reports and books.


A number of resources were produced as part of this programme:

  • Public Libraries in Africa: a report and annotated bibliography (2000)
  • Information and Communication Technologies in Africa: a selective review of studies and projects (2001)
  • The Book Chain in Africa: a survey and directory (2002)
  • Reader Development and Reading Promotion: recent experiences from seven countries in Africa (2003)
  • The Use of ICTs in African Public Library Services (2004)
  • Income Generation: Experiences from public library systems in Eastern, Central and Southern Africa

Also, workshop materials on Advocacy and Lobbying; Monitoring and Evaluation; Proactive Librarianship: marketing and public relations; Using the Internet (2003) were created and shared.

Lead partner
Book Aid International