Informing peer learning approaches for effective institutions

Project description

In 2017, the Effective Institutions Platform (EIP) Joint Secretariat approached INASP to support its work on peer learning as a capacity development mechanism for institutional reform. INASP is contributing to the refinement of peer learning approaches within the EIP. EIP is exploring the potential of peer-to-peer models as a way of ‘doing development differently’ through a problem-based, flexible approach that enables the sharing of tacit knowledge and places ownership at the centre of capacity development.

INASP’s activities include:

  • Summarizing and comparing peer-to-peer learning approaches tested so far within the EIP, including interviewing peer learners and facilitators and synthesizing lessons learned in a report.
  • Observation and report on the learning approaches used in the inaugural workshop of the EIP’s Peer-to-Peer Learning Alliance on Climate Finance Integrity, which is convened in partnership with GIZ and Transparency International.
  • Contributions to the EIP and National School of Government International Forum on Peer-to-Peer Learning, held at the OECD in Paris in February 2018.
  • Development of a MEL framework for peer-to-peer learning initiatives, responding to the model outlined in the Platform’s Guide to Peer to Peer Learning.
Effective Institutions Platform