INASP Associate
Ravi Murugesan

Since the start of INASP's digital learning initiative in 2011, Ravi has been involved in developing and delivering online courses on our learning platform, INASP Moodle. A keen 'Moodler', he has spoken at many edtech conferences and is active in the community. He wears another hat as a teacher of research writing: he has authored content and activities for AuthorAID online courses and has facilitated writing workshops in several countries in Africa and Asia.

Ravi earned an MS degree in electrical engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he was also a teaching assistant for large undergraduate classes and played a lead role in a biomaterials research project. Before joining INASP, Ravi managed a business unit at CACTUS, a science communication and technology company.

Ravi is based in South India.

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