Understanding & supporting impact

Inequities within and between research and knowledge systems prevent the full potential of Southern talent from being brought to bear on local and global challenges. 

We support actors across the global research and knowledge system to understand the most effective ways of supporting Southern knowledge production and use by driving engagement with and uptake of effective capacity development.

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Our approach

Ensuring that our own learning, and that of others, is distilled and communicated 

  • developing our own evidence base of the success, challenges and failures of our own projects, through project-based MEL and by learning across the programme.
  • supporting others to evaluate and learn through evaluations of programmes delivered by other organisations
  • synthesising our own and other evidence and sharing this to contribute (and participate) in greater learning within the sector in order to achieve lasting change.  

Working with Northern research institutions and networks to support Southern researchers

We work with Northern research institutions to help them to understand needs, develop more equitable partnerships with and provide more effective support to Southern institutions. We establish longer-term project partnerships with Northern and Southern research institutions, or offer advice, support and training through shorter term consultancies.

We do this by:

  1. using our experience and that of our partners to show what more equitable partnership means and requires and using this to influence the practices of Northern institutions.
  2. working directly with Northern universities to develop more effective programmes of support, combining their expertise in research with our knowledge of capacity development, MEL, research uptake and policy influence.
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