Research communication

Southern researchers face the same pressure to publish as Northern researchers, but often don’t have access to the resources, information, training, and support networks they need.

We support Southern researchers and their institutions to build the confidence, knowledge and skills so that their research can be published and communicated – to academic and non-academic audiences. 

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Our approach is to: 

Build the individual skills of researchers via:

  • Massive open online courses (MOOCs) on research writing and publication. Our large-scale online courses in research writing, publishing and grant proposal writing are supported by expert facilitators from around the world.
  • Thematic online courses on research communication and proposal writing. We deliver intensive courses on research communication and proposal writing, tailored to fit thematic areas, and country context.
  • Supporting research communication to non-academic audiences, such as policymakers and practitioners. We design and implement research uptake strategies and skills training for projects aiming to influence policy.

The online course has positively affected almost every aspect of my academic life. The effect is particularly visible in my research writing, information sharing, networking and supervision of students' projects.

Ghanaian participant, Online Research Writing Course, 2015

Develop lasting institutional capacity to support research communication 

We work with universities and research institutes to develop institutional research communications training programmes.

  • Enabling institutions to develop in-house research communications training. We support institutions to develop research communication skills training programmes and train local trainers to build capacity for ongoing development of staff.
  • Design and delivery of online learning programmes. We support institutions to deliver online learning programmes by developing low-bandwidth courses, hosted on their own learning platforms, training local trainers in online learning methods and online course facilitation

We strengthen the visibility and quality of Southern published research through our work to support Southern journals platforms and publishing standards

Facilitate a network of support for researchers 

Our AuthorAID platform provides support and services for over 20,000 developing country researchers, including:

  • Mentoring. AuthorAID supports early-career researchers in the Global South to find mentors who can help them progress in their careers.
  • Collaboration. AuthorAID’s Research Collaboration Space connects researchers across the globe

Personally and professionally, AuthorAID has helped [me] to grow in my scientific career. I'm now giving back to the AuthorAID community.

Joshua Okonya, former AuthorAID mentee and now mentor, Crop Entomologist, International Potato Center, Uganda

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