Research Capacity

Researchers and decision makers in developing countries encounter fundamental barriers to producing, communicating and using research and evidence.

INASP supports a diverse group of universities and research institutions to participate in, produce, publish and communicate research by addressing:

Supporting Southern researchers and their institutions to build the confidence, knowledge and skills so that their research can be published and communicated – to academic and non-academic audiences. 



Supporting  universities and research institutions to forge relationships with policy-makers, and civic and private sector organisations, to enable researchers to understand the knowledge needs of users, to create knowledge collaboratively with them, and to communicate it effectively beyond academic networks.


Supporting Southern research communities to publish their own research, and to gain visibility and credibility for this work internationally and locally. By doing so, we aim to address the inequities in global knowledge production and ensure a richer knowledge base for development.


Supporting institutions and national bodies to provide sustainable access to the information that Southern researchers, students and policy makers need. 




We deliberately seek to work with “non-apex” universities and institutions, particularly those outside of capitals or major cities, develop longer term partnerships, and work together to understand aims, identify needs, and strengthen organisational capacity.