Information access

In order to develop local solutions, people need access to evidence, facts and data. Access to research information and knowledge is essential for any strong research and knowledge system.

We support institutions and their librarians to provide sustainable access to the information that their academics and students need. 

Two men undertaking research in plant laboratory

Our approach is to:

Negotiate for more affordable access to research for institutions in the Global South

  • We negotiate with publishers across disciplines to provide researchers and libraries in developing countries with the journals, books and databases that they need at affordable prices.

Develop strong local capacity for sustainable access to research 

Access to knowledge assets enhanced research, teaching and learning to levels unprecedented. I am overawed when I try to imagine what the situation would have been like without the INASP programmes over the past years.. [U]sing the knowledge and skills bestowed upon us by INASP, we look forward to rising to the occasion and sustaining effective and efficient access to more knowledge assets in the future.

Chair of Zimbabwe University Librarians Consortium

Bring together stakeholders within the global research and publishing community to ensure that the needs of Southern partners are accounted for in Northern practices

  • Advocating for ways of providing access that are affordable and sustainable for Southern partners, and providing forums to create common understanding of challenges, needs and priorities - for example via our Publishers for Development project. 

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