Achieving change means influencing those with power, locally and internationally, as well as developing capacity. Our influence goal is to achieve greater and lasting change beyond the impact of our own projects and programmes.

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We have both the privilege and the responsibility to play a role in influencing those with power to think differently about how research for development is done.

Together with our partners, we bring INASP’s values and an equitable knowledge ecosystem lens to existing debates and interactions, with a particular focus on approaches to capacity development, partnership, learning and considering issues of gender and equity within research for development programmes. 

  • We help policymakers and practitioners to see the value that research and knowledge can bring to their work – as well as offering practical ways of making better use of it. 
  • We advocate for more equitable research partnerships and Southern-led research agendas, to ensure that  research is relevant to and grounded in understanding of local needs and contexts. 
  • We support actors across the global research and knowledge system to understand the most effective ways of supporting Southern knowledge production and use.
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