Higher education & learning

Young people have a vital role to play in development, and universities are important sites to nurture their skills and to harness that energy for social change.

We support universities and academics to transform curricula and teaching practices in order to prepare students for future roles in society, business and public institutions. 

students gather in university forecourt

Our approach is to:

Support HE institutions to embed critical thinking and problem-solving skills in curricula and pedagogy 

  • Develop student-focused teaching that helps students learn how to think, not what to think 

Support academic teachers to develop their skills ‘on the job’

  • Enabling teaching staff to learn by doing, working with their peers to re-design courses and explore new pedagogies, and supported by experienced mentors

Build networks between universities and their communities

  • Engage business, communities and the public sector so that curricula are relevant and to encourage learning experiences beyond the classroom, through placements and internships

Graduates need to be able to see a problem, break it down and understand it.

Professor George Ladaah Openjuru, Vice Chancellor, Gulu University, Uganda


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