Gender & equity

Gender barriers in research and knowledge systems have huge implications; they perpetuate discrimination and create different pathways for men and women. They prevent the creation and use of knowledge that can enable inclusive, just and sustainable development.

We believe that every voice counts.  We promote equity by actively addressing the needs of both men and women across all our work and addressing issues of power within the research and knowledge system.

women researchers gathered around a laptop

Our ambition is to make our work gender responsive, and where we can, enable it to be gender transformative. We recognise that gender and diversity must be understood within the specific cultural, social and political contexts in which our partners work.  

Our work on supporting gender equity in knowledge systems includes:

Addressing gender gaps in higher education and research institutions through organisational gender mainstreaming and training

  • Supporting institutions to embark on gender mainstreaming initiatives by working with people at all levels of the organisation to identify and address existing gender gaps.
  • Our Gender Mainstreaming in Higher Education Toolkit anchors this process by providing practical tools, a framework and an action plan for addressing gender equality barriers in order to create positive long-lasting change.

Providing dedicated skill-building support, peer-to-peer learning and mentoring for women in science

  • Supporting women researchers via the AuthorAID platform to develop research-writing skills, to publish, to collaborate with other researchers and to access training, grants and mentoring opportunities.
  • Developing and delivering bespoke training programmes in partnership with women research networks and organisations

Building gender leadership teams and networks

  • Working with partners to develop gender leadership teams to act as change agents across Higher Education and research institutions, advocating for change at senior leadership level and mentoring the next generation of women leaders.
  • Developing national gender alliance networks and collaborative forums for HEIs and research institutes wanting to address gender gaps
  • Building national networks, by convening governments, higher education institutes, research institutes, and civil society actors to design country-specific solutions to tackle gender inequalities in national knowledge ecosystems.

Addressing gender inequalities in higher education teaching environments

  • Working with universities and their teaching staff to develop a gender responsive teaching and learning approach that meets the needs of both female and male learners.
  • Our Gender Responsive pedagogy framework is tailored to the needs of higher education institutions in low-infrastructure environments, enabling both lecturers and their students to become gender-responsive professionals.


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