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Northern journals dominate global research, leading to an underrepresentation of knowledge from the South. Championing Southern journals is essential for redressing imbalance in the dissemination of global research.

We support editors and publishers in the Global South to improve the quality, credibility and visibility of their journals to ensure that research addressing development challenges is published and available to those that need it.

participants of Mongolian journal editors workshop

Our approach is to:

Improve the visibility of research from the Global South

  • Supporting the development and management of locally hosted online journal platforms in developing countries 
  • Developing the capacity of editors and their institutions to promote the research published within their journals 

Support Southern editors and publishers to improve quality and credibility of their journals

  • Implementing Journal Publishing Practices and Standards (JPPS) - an independent and verified assessment that journals meet standards of excellence 
  • Providing training, mentoring and advice to journal editors and editorial boards to improve their publishing processes and practices 

Build peer networks of journal editors to enable collective problem-solving and learning

  • Developing international networks to empower partners to support each other in the knowledge and understanding of publishing standards and journal quality.

I have been associated with INASP and NepJol since 2009 and I find it the best platform where we can grow, exchange our knowledge, develop skills and promote our journal.... I thank this platform [for] connecting people globally, [providing a space] where we can interact, exchange thought processes and bridge the gap between peoples.

Arun Kumar, Editor in Chief of Asian Journal of Medical Sciences


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