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Our approach

In Ghana...

VakaYiko is working with the Civil Service Training Centre to develop a course in skills for evidence-informed policy making. This course is aimed at junior to mid-level civil servants responsible for sourcing information to support policy makers. VakaYiko will also work with the national parliament of Ghana as they plan the expansion of their research teams in 2014/15.

In Uganda...

INASP is working with the Institute of Parliamentary Studies (IPS) and the Department of Research Services (DRS) in the Parliament of Uganda to strengthen skills, processes and networks for evidence informed policy.

In Zimbabwe...

VakaYiko is working with key ministries including the Ministry of Industry and Commerce to embed a continuous professional development programme for researchers and analysts within the key departments. VakaYiko is also supporting an ongoing conversation on evidence-informed policy making by running policy dialogues and knowledge cafes that bring together policy makers, the public, academics, media and others with an interest in exploring the evidence base around key policy issues.

In South Africa...

VakaYiko will develop and review an approach to help government departments make good use of the evidence for the policies they are working on in South Africa with a focus on the organisational tools and processes used by policymakers to consider evidence in their work. Key questions include:

  • What tools do policymakers use to take an overview of all the evidence they have?
  • How do they know where the evidence is strong or weak?
  • What are the processes for handling uncertain evidence?
  • How do they ensure that the evidence they need is being sourced as cost-effectively as possible, so it makes a real contribution to policymaking?

Where we work