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JOLs methodology

To support journals to publish online in a cost-effective, secure, and highly visible website, INASP has developed a methodology with our partners, the Public Knowledge Partnership (PKP), using their technology, Open Journals System (OJS).

INASP responds to requests and works closely with partners in-country to help develop appropriate solutions for their journals. Our methodology includes the following steps (which may be modified to suit different partners).

  1. Initial request: identification of local coordinator for the project, and agreement of the proposed methodology.
  2. Familiarisation publishing workshop: A short 3-5 day workshop covering publication management issues (production, promotion, editorial management, etc.) and online strategy planning (selection of methodology, practical considerations, etc.), and introduction to the JOL methodology.
  3. Setup of demo website: INASP and PKP set up the demo website, and INASP loads some archive content - PKP continue to host and manage the online system until step 8 below.
  4. User workshop: intensive 3 day workshop covering all aspects of how to load (publish) journal issues on the website, and how to manage a JOL (including decisions on which journals will be included, and responsibilities for administration, advocacy, etc.).
  5. Mentoring of users: INASP mentor the users while they use the system following the workshop.
  6. Editing and editorial systems workshop: Intensive 3 day workshop covering editorial office management (selection of reviewers, management of process, etc.), and introduction to the online editorial office system provided by the JOL software.
  7. Mentoring of editorial users: INASP mentor the users of the editorial software system following the workshop.
  8. Technology workshop: Short workshop to introduce and train IT staff in management of the system, so that they may take over responsibility of maintaining and developing the system for local needs.
  9. Mentoring of handover of system to local management: PKP mentor the IT users of the software, and involve them in the global OJS-IT-user community so that they may participate in development discussions.

As the system is used by different countries, their experience will help to develop the methodology and enrich the programme. Lessons learnt will adapt the methodology and in-country implementation. Support is given to the in-country organisation to help them digitise their content and build the system locally.

Read more about the JOL projects we are currently supporting.

Improving Journal Quality

To support journal editors to improve the quality of their journals, the INASP Resource Pack for Editors is available to download. It is a comprehensive guide to international journal publishing standards which we recommend all editors consult regularly when they review their journals. This document will form the basis of an online course which will be available toward the end of the year.

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