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Current JOLs

This page provides information about and links to the Journals Online projects. This includes those managed by INASP and those which have transferred to in-country management. 

Managed by INASP

Bangladesh Journals Online

BanglaJOL has been established in association with the Editing and Publication Association of Bangladesh (EPAB) and the Bangladesh Academy of Science (BAS). See the BanglaJOL newsletter for more information.

Latin America Journals Online

The Latin America Journals Online (LAMJOL) hosts journals from Nicaragua and Honduras and is primarily in Spanish, but does feature some English abstracts and tables of contents. LAMJOL was launched in 2010. See the LAMJOL newsletter for more information.

Mongolia Journals Online

Mongolia Journals Online (MongoliaJOL) has been established in association with the Mongolian Academy of Sciences. MongoliaJOL was launched in 2011.

Nepal Journals Online

Nepal Journals Online (NepJOL) has been established in association with Tribhuvan University Central Library (TUCL). NepJOL was launched in 2008. See the NepJOL newsletter for more information.

Sri Lanka Journals Online

Sri Lanka Journals Online (SLJOL) has been established in association with the University of Colombo and the National Science Foundation of Sri Lanka. SLJOL was launched in 2008. See the SLJOL newsletter for more information.

Managed in-country

African Journals Online

The JOL project began with AJOL in 1998 as simple HTML pages on the INASP website. In association with PKP, AJOL was transferred to the Open Journal System (OJS) and the JOL methodology was developed using AJOL experience as the template. AJOL currently operates as an African Non Profit Organisation.

Philippines Journals Online

PhilJOL was established in association with Ateneo de Manila University and De La Salle University. In 2010 the management was transferred to the Philippines at the Asia Pacific College.

Vietnam Journals Online

VJOL was established in association with the National Agency for Science and Technology Information (NASATI - formerly NACESTI), the Vietnamese Academy of Social Sciences (VASS), and Vietnamese Academy of Science and Technology (VAST). It is now managed in Vietnam by NASATI.

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