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Journals Online

The Journals Online project aims to improve the accessibility and visibility of developing-country research. By providing a cost-effective and secure platform for online journals, along with advice, resource guides and links to suitable technologies and hosting organizations, the Journals Online enable easy discoverability of the wide range of journals and research being produced in the relevant partner countries. This research is now being highlighted by a series of press releases from recently published articles on the JOLs.

The JOLs use the Open Journals System — a system for groups of journals to publish on community websites. This not only enables international access and visibility, but also provides journals with an online peer-review system. The JOLs are now hosted by Ubiquity Press.

INASP monitors the latest trends in scholarly publishing and brings relevantdevelopments to the JOLs.

There are currently 379 journals across the JOLs, with over 44,700 articles of which 96% are open access full text. The accessibility and popularity of the JOLs projects have a seen a steady increase in use with over 38 million downloads since 2007.

For more information, visit the about the Journals Online page or the Journals Online methodology. For details and links to the existing Journals Online, see the current Journals Online page.

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