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Individual skills development

We help strengthen skills, attitudes and knowledge of individuals in public institutions to improve the production and use of knowledge in policy.

Online course “Leaders of change: developing policymakers´ capacity to promote the use of knowledge in policy”

This course supports staff to lead change within policy-making institutions for more effective use of research in policy.


“If every civil servant is able to have some knowledge on EIPM I believe it will positively impact on the work we do, so that whatever policy comes out reflects the needs of the people and addresses those needs.”
Thywell Kpe, Regional Director for the Department of Gender, Ghana

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Face-to-face course “Evidence-Informed Policy Making Toolkit”

This course supports civil servants and parliamentary staff to use evidence in policy making.


“Designing policies and projects to help street children, for example, will not succeed unless we base our intervention on evidence. Where to look for evidence, what is evidence? This is the most important thing I learnt today…implementing any project without using evidence would be waste of resources. It would be a failure.”
Female participant during evidence in gender policy development workshop, Ministry of Labour, Sudan

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Work with us

To explore opportunities to work together, please contact Clara Richards, Senior Programme Manager, Evidence-Informed Policy Making