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VakaYiko grants

The VakaYiko grants scheme supported practitioners in low and middle income countries to build capacity for research use.

The scheme was explorative, designed to test innovative capacity building approaches such as:

Projects supported through VakaYiko grants

Bridging the gap between climate change research and policy in Kenya

The Kenya Climate Science, Technology and Policy Roundtables project held a series of roundtables bringing together researchers, policymakers and other stakeholders to debate climate policy. The project also held a job-shadowing scheme partnering scientists with high-level policymakers. Grantee:  ACTS

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Training local authority officials to improve education policy in the Philippines

The Ateneo de Manila University worked with the Union of Local Authorities in the Philippines to provide training workshops and online mentoring for policymakers working in education at the sub-national government level. A roundtable at the end of the project brought the participants together to present their experiences. Grantee: The Ateneo de Manila University

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Improving information literacy in Health, Solid Waste Management, and Sanitation Agency staff in Nigeria

The Improving Information Literacy for Urban Service Planning and Delivery project developed and delivered training on data collection and utilization to local government level staff working in Health, Solid Waste Management, and Sanitation agencies. Grantee: The Centre for Public Policy Alternatives

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Mainstreaming evidence on gender in policy making, Sudan

In this project a series of training workshops informed by focus group discussions were given to policymakers in two ministries. Public conferences bringing together policymakers, journalists, researchers and civil society organisations were also held to facilitate discussions surrounding the use of evidence in policy making. Grantee: The Gender Centre for Research and Training

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Effective use of research in Ethiopia’s health policy planning

This project, in collaboration with the Ethiopian Federal Ministry of Health, delivered trainings for Ministry staff on accessing, appraising, and using research in the development of health policies. Guidelines were also delivered and followed up with a mentoring scheme partnering policymakers with health experts. Grantee: Jimma University

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Online knowledge in policy training for policymakers in Latin America

The “Leaders of Change” project developed a six-week online course with guidance from eight senior policymakers in Latin America. The course focused on developing the technical abilities of staff in policy making institutions, as well as how to approach common challenges to strengthening evidence in policy making institutions. Grantee: Politics & Ideas

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Using evidence in public policy, Peru

In this project a series of meetings and public events were held with members of organisations from the public and private sector, civil society organizations and the international community in order to discuss how to use evidence in public policy in Peru. Grantee: The Peruvian Alliance for the Use of Evidence hosted by Universidad del Pacifico

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