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Open access information

Global Open Access Portal

The Global Open Access Portal (GOAP) presents a current snapshot of the status of Open Access (OA) to scientific information around the world.For countries that have been more successful implementing Open Access, the portal highlights critical success factors and aspects of the enabling environment. For countries and regions that are still in the early stages of Open Access development, the portal identifies key players, potential barriers and opportunities.

Open Access Directory

The Open Access Directory (OAD) is a compendium of simple factual lists about open access (OA) to science and scholarship, maintained by the OA community at large. By bringing many OA-related lists together in one place, OAD makes it easier for everyone to discover them and use them for reference.

Open Access Information

A project group consisting of experts from 6 Swedish universities and university colleges manage this website, aimed at researchers. It contains a number of education and information objects in English dealing with different aspects of Open Access. It's a good source of Open Access publishing information for those wanting to find out more about various issues in this area. It contains a number of training or information resources that partners (particularly libraries but not exclusively) could use in delivering services e.g. training sessions on Open Access information online.

Open Access Overview

This is an introduction to open access (OA) for those who are new to the concept. The author, Peter Suber,  hopes it's short enough to read, long enough to be useful, and organized to let you skip around and dive into detail only where you want detail. It doesn't cover every nuance or answer every objection. But for those who read it, it should cover enough territory to prevent the misunderstandings that delayed progress in the early days of Open Access.

Open Access Scholarly Information Sourcebook (OASIS)

OASIS aims to provide an authoritative ‘sourcebook' on Open Access, covering the concept, principles, advantages, approaches and means to achieving it. The site highlights developments and initiatives from around the world, with links to diverse additional resources and case studies. As such, it is a community-building as much as a resource-building exercise. Users are encouraged to share and download the resources provided, and to modify and customize them for local use. Open Access is evolving, and we invite the growing world-wide community to take part in this exciting global movement.

Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association (OASPA)

OASPA offers a forum for bringing together the entire community of Open Access journal publishers.  Their mission is to represent the interests of Open Access (OA) journal publishers globally in all scientific, technical and scholarly disciplines. This mission will be carried out through exchanging information, setting standards, advancing models, advocacy, education, and the promotion of innovation.  Through a shared interest in developing appropriate business models, tools and standards to support OA publishing, OASPA can ensure a prosperous and sustainable future to the benefit of their members and the scholarly communities they serve.

Open Access to Knowledge and Information

Scholarly Literature and Digital Library Initiatives

The South Asia sub-region is now in the forefront of the Open Access movement within developing countries in the world, with India being the most prominent partner in terms of its successful Open Access and Digital Library initiatives. Institutional and policy frameworks in India also facilitate innovative solutions for increasing international visibility and accessibility of scholarly literature and documentary heritage in this country. This publication has its genesis in the recommendations and proceedings of UNESCO-supported international conferences and workshops. (Open Access to Knowledge and Information, PDF 7.03MB)

The platform aims to meet the growing demand for information on the subject of Open Access (OA). Our editorial team gathers information which is scattered across many sources and bundles it thematically for presentation to various target groups.

Open Access Week

Open Access WeekA global event, now in its 4th year, promoting Open Access as a new norm in scholarship and research.

Learn more about Open Access Week. Please join-up via the website to find out more about the Open Access movement, ask questions and share ideas. Use the following link to download promotional resources.

Open Access: Opportunities and Challenges, a Handbook (2008)

A joint publication by the European Commission, Directorate-General for Research and the German Commission for UNESCO Science, Economy and Society (EUR 23459) This handbook presents the various views of major stakeholders and covers a wide range of issues relevant to open access, a very useful and timely contribution to the debate on open access. (Open Access: Opportunities and Challenges, a Handbook, PDF 3.2 MB)

Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC)

 SPARC is an alliance of academic and research libraries and organisations working to correct market dysfunctions in the scholarly communication system. Developed by Association of Research Libraries (ARL) SPARC serves as a catalyst for change. Its pragmatic focus is to facilitate the emergence of systems that capitalise on the networked environment to disseminate research. Its strategies expand competition and support open access to address the high and rising cost of scholarly journals, especially in science and technology, and medicine a trend which inhibits the advancement of scholarship.

Science Dissemination using Open Access

Difusion cientifica y las iniciativas de Acceso Abierto

This is an online compendium of selected literature on Open Access presented to increase the awareness of the potential of open publishing in general. The book aims to encourage decision makers in academia and research centres to adopt institutional and regional Open Access Journals and Archives to make their own scientific results public and fully searchable on the net. A collaborative effort between CERN (Switzerland) and ICTP (Italy) enabled by the support of INASP (UK), it has specific relevance to developing countries. It is available free to download in English (6.1MB) and Spanish (4.5MB).

SPARC Open Access Newsletter

The SPARC Open Access Newsletter (SOAN) is a monthly newsletter authored by Peter Suber and offering news and analysis of the open access movement the worldwide movement to disseminate scientific and scholarly research literature online, free of charge, and free of unnecessary licensing restrictions.

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