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Registration for Institutions

Here we outline the process for users when registering your institution. In using the word 'user' we are assuming this to be the user of the registration system, probably the e-resources librarian, not the user of the e-resources.

The process

Planning to register as a new institution

When registering for the first time as an institution on the registration system, you will be required to complete an online form.  It is often easier to do this if you have been able to gather the information in advance.

The information requested is listed below. Required fields are marked with *

Institution Details

Type of Institution

Select from the following list:

Research priorities*

Please include all the key research areas for your institution

Full Time Equivalent (FTE)*

Please provide information in the following categories 

FTE under-graduate student enrolment   [broad categories]:

 FTE post-graduate student enrolment:

FTE academic and research staff:


Publisher Numbers

Primary Contact Details

IT/Technical Contact Details

It will be very helpful if you include the contact details for your Systems Librarian or ICT Support person as some publishers require this and will contact them directly with set up information.

Head of Institution Contact Details

IP Address Ranges

Most publishers require fixed, external IP addresses.  They improve access for all resources.

You will be required to enter the first and the last number in each range.

There is an option to Remove range or Add another IP address range

Your current public IP address will show up automatically. This helps you to be sure you include the IP address of the computer you are working on in the range.

Be sure to click the button 'Apply for approval' at the bottom of the form.

Your form will then be sent automatically to your consortium who will approve your institution or contact you if there is reason to reject it. Please do not use the “Back” button to try to re-send the form.

After approval

You will receive an automated email referring you back to the login screen.

Your registration will be submitted to the resource publisher and you will receive an email to confirm this. Once your registration has been processed by the publisher, you will receive another email to confirm this and your users will be able to use the resource. This may take up to 10 working days.

Updating information

You can login at any time to update contact information for the primary contact of the institution and for the institution. If you change job, you can associate yourself with a new institution and dis-associate yourself from the old one.

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