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Access support

The Subscribed Resources Registration System allows eligible institutions within our partner countries to register for the publisher resources available to them. For more information on what resources are available in your country, select your country from the dropdown menu on the right.

Below are links to help documents and information that will guide you through the registration process including what information you will need to register your institution (in Spanish), how the system works and what to expect.

Also see our frequently asked questions (FAQ) page. In Spanish.

To access the system, you will first need to login to your account. If you do not have an account, you can apply for one through the login page.

Registration coordinators and consortium managers can find out more about this process here.

Interactive help guide

There is an interactive help guide available for access information and troubleshooting (in Spanish). For more information on eligibility see our eligibility criteria

Accessing research literature

Guides for researchers, academics, students, librarians wishing to access and use online research literature are available here.

Policies and guidelines

Use of proxy servers (183kb)

Use of IP addresses (97kb)

Generic INASP Terms and Conditions (147kb)

Usage statistics

Obtaining usage statistics - overview (58kb)

Sample spreadsheet for usage recording (124kb)

Tips on using the spreadsheet (39kb)

Access booklet

These help documents can also be downloaded in a single file.

Access support (130kb)

Soporte para el acceso - Spanish (136kb)

Also see our frequently asked questions (FAQ) page. 

Preguntas frecuentes sobre recursos de información - Spanish

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