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Subscribed resources registration

Welcome to the Subscribed Resources Registration System.

This allows eligible institutions within our partner countries to register for the publisher resources available to them. For more information on what resources are available in your country, select your country from the dropdown menu on the right.

To access the system, you will first need to login to your account. If you do not have an account, you can apply for one through the login page.

For information and help documents, see the Access support page. 

New features


On completing the application for access to the system, all users will be sent an email requiring them to validate a link. Once done, they will be able to log on and use the system. Users can generate or reset their passwords by entering the email address they have registered with. They will then be sent an email with a link they can use to change their password.


Users now have individual access before being associated with their institution or publisher. This allows for several individuals to be associated in each instance, allowing more easily for the sharing of responsibilities around registration.


On logging in, all users will see a dashboard, from which they can select functions. This screen also contains a tab for the various reports available for each category of user.

Log in and log out

Logging in will take users to a Dashboard page allowing one to accept, edit, view entries. There is now a button to log out of the system.

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