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We offer a number of voluntary internships each year that vary in scope and typically range from 8-12 weeks. These focus on a specific research project or activity. Our internship programme provides individuals with the opportunity to gain skills and experience in international development and build upon what they already have. At the same time, we not only gain from the outcomes of their work, but also from the energy, enthusiasm and wide range of expertise that interns bring.

The interns complete specific projects designed for them enhance and contribute to our programme work. While the position are unpaid, we do cover expenses for those keen to experience and contribute to our work.

Past internships

Since 2011, through the University of Oxford’s internship programme, INASP has hosted a number of undergraduates. The following provide examples of the types of projects we offer.  

Martha Lee

Martha project involved an analysis of references from the Bangladesh Journals Online (BanglaJOL). There were three key questions: are the Programme for the Enhancement of Research Information (PERii) resources being used; are references to BangalJOL content coming from international journals; and are the references recent? Martha’s work showed a showed a positive correlation in the use of PERii resources and was presented at the European Association of Science Editors (EASE) 2012 conference in Tallin, Estonia.

Kimberley Pyle

Kimberley project involved researching the use of African library websites to provide access to e-journals, online databases and free resources. She was to evaluated 200 African University library websites in 10 countries. By developing a system that took into account the variety of functions library websites can serve, Kim succeeded in analysing all 200 websites and posted a blog about her experience on the INASP blog ‘Practising Development’. Her work also formed the basis of a paper presented at the IFLA 2012 conference,Gateway or Obstacle Course: A survey of selected African library websites.

Joseph Scarlett-Smith

Joseph's work focused on mapping the INASP online community. The main aim of the project was to shed light on who, where, and how people interact with INASP online, and in particular through social media. This involved gathering statistics and information from a number of platforms as well as conducting a survey. As the INASP network as a whole is both global and highly diverse, this project has provided valuable insight into a vital aspect of our work. Joseph's work began feeding into INASP's Evaluation, Learning and Communication strategies immediately following his final report. 

Iona Twaddell

Iona explored INASP's list of Open Access resources, the value of maintaining it and how it can be improved. At the end of the project, Iona produced a report along with recommendations for the future. Many of the recommendations provided were quickly implemented with others forming part of the longer term strategy. At the time of her internship, Iona was studying Experimental Psychology at Oxford University.

Where we work

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