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Taylor & Francis eBestseller Packages

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

Joined: 2006

Type: Online books

Content Overview

The Taylor & Francis eBestseller Packages contains 1200 of their bestselling eBook titles from twelve key subject areas.  See the content of each package by clicking the subject below.

From 2016 Taylor and Francis will be offering unlimited multi-user access to their top 1,000 downloaded titles of 2014 in a wide range of subjects across the humanities and social sciences. This is no longer divided into the top 100 titles of the 12 subject disciplines as in 2015. The 2016 title list for the Taylor and Francis e-Bestseller Package can be found below for reference. 

Title Listing

Subject Strengths

Click on any of the links above to view a list of titles

Service Strengths

Taylor & Francis eBooks are accessible online from anywhere with web access by IP addresses or username/password.

Unlike in a print library, each title within a subscription package can be viewed by five users at a time online.

Each user may print up to 30 pages per eBook/per session.

Usage Guides

For a general usage guide see the ebook subscription help page. For other issues, please contact



Institutions in the following countries can register for access to Taylor & Francis eBestseller Packages through the process below:

Registration and Access

Registration for Taylor & Francis eBestseller Packages

Each developing country institution eligible for access is required to register to use Taylor & Francis. If you have not used this resource before you may need to check if your institution is registered and identify the contact person who has your access details. To do this, please go to the subscribed resources registration and select your country and institution.

Access Information

Access by fixed, external IP address with username and password access for remote users.

Support/Help Contact

Publisher URL

Information for Librarians

Administration Information

You will gain access to a personalised platform on a unique URL reflecting your institution's identity. Here you can update your contact information and IP addresses.

Promotional Information/Materials

Publication announcements, library service development news, and other news from informaworld and businesses in the Informa group are available on the librarian's news page.

Publisher Newsletter Details

Read publication announcements, library service development news, and other news on the Library Lantern.  Sign up for the African Librarians Newsletter.

The Taylor & Francis Librarians Newsletter is published on a quarterly basis and brings you updates on initiatives at T&F, plus news on topical issues. To sign up to the newsletter and browse past issues please visit.

Usage Data Collection

COUNTER-Compliant Usage Statistics are available 24/7 via a personalised URL.

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