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Gale Virtual Reference Library

Publisher: Gale Cengage Learning (Africa)

Joined: 2003

Type: Online collection of reference e-Books. To find out which subject packages are available in your country, please contact your country coordinator.

Content Overview

Allows you to provide reference -books to your users online, offering remote, 24 hour access. No specialized reader or hardware are required just a standard Web browser and the Adobe Acrobat® plug-in. Gale Virtual Reference Library's powerful delivery platform puts your reference content into circulation.

Title Listing

From 2015, GVRL are changing to User Driven Acquisitions (UDA) in 2015.  Therefore, you have access to the whole collection if your country choses to subscribe in 2015, but at the end of the year only own the most used titles to that value (which would probably be 12-15 books).  

Subject Strengths

The Gale eBooks are available in 11 subject areas. Countries are able to subscribe to any of the above collections individually.

Service Strengths

With electronic books from Gale, researchers can access authoritative and accurate reference material on a wide range of subjects.  These trusted, reference works are available 24/7 through our state-of-the-art Gale Virtual Reference Library platform, providing an unprecedented combination of functionality and features including:

  • Authoritative references, updated and in electronic format
  • 24/7 access from any Internet-connected computer
  • ReadSpeaker technology (text-to-speech) allowing text to be read aloud to users and downloaded in MP3 format
  • No special reader or hardware required
  • Unlimited simultaneous use
  • Ability to print, e-mail and download articles
  • On-demand content translation into 11 languages

In conclusion, owning your reference material in eBook format gives you a wide range of benefits. eBooks can help you save shelf space and can be searched individually or as a complete collection. Online access makes popular titles available to multiple users and your library users can link to reference content through your catalogue.



Institutions in the following countries can register for access to Gale Virtual Reference Library through the process below:


Registration and Access

Registration for Gale Virtual Reference Library

Each developing country institution eligible for access is required to register to use Gale Cengage Learning. If you have not used this resource before you may need to check if your institution is registered and identify the contact person who has your access details. To do this, please go to the subscribed resources registration and select your country and institution.

Access Information

Access by fixed, external IP address with username and password access for remote users.

Support/Help Contact

Publisher URL

Information for Librarians

Promotional Information/Materials

Promote ebooks

A promotional leaflet is available to download. Your country coordinator can advise which collections are available in your country.

Usage Data Collection

Usage data is available from the publisher website.

Instructions on how to obtain usage data are available as a PDF document

Publisher quick links:

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