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Tanzania (United Republic of)

INASP has been working with Tanzania since 2001. Below you will find information on the areas we are currently working on with our partners there.

Research Access and Availability

INASP negotiates with international publishers to secure national licenses on behalf of COTUL (Consortium of Tanzania University and Research Libraries), for free or significantly discounted online access to journals and books. To find out what is available to researchers and students in Tanzania, click on ‘Research literature’ below.

We support training in a range of areas related to digital information management and library consortium development. Our training materials can be downloaded in the Training courses and downloads section. To see what events have taken place recently in your country or are coming up soon, take a look at the ‘Events’ section on the right.

We are working on a pilot project to review the postgraduate curricula used at the Library and Information Science (LIS) school at University of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, to ensure that those graduating as professional librarians from library schools are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to effectively support researchers’ and students’ needs in a digital world.

We are also working on a pilot project with the overall aim of improving access to research literature at the desktop for researchers and students. In Tanzania we are supporting TERNET (Tanzania Education Research Network) to train campus engineers in configuring and managing university IT networks more effectively, and to improve collaboration between these engineers and library staff.

Research Production and Communication

We support local research communication through our AuthorAID project. This includes research writing courses, an active discussion list and a mentoring platform that matches early career researchers to more experienced researchers.

In Tanzania we are working with St John’s University to embed research and proposal writing skills courses in their course curricula.

We support local research dissemination through the Journals Online (JOL) projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America. This includes hosting online peer-reviewed journals plus running training courses on strengthening the quality of local journals.  The JOLs provide a cost-effective and secure forum for online journals, which gives them greater online visibility and discovery. Journals from Tanzania are included on AJOL, a project that was handed over to South African management.

We are also working in collaboration with Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO) on a 2 year project which aims to increase the quality of academic publishing in Tanzania by developing a consortium of academic publishers and organising training on academic/digital publishing.

If you would like further information on any of the above areas, please contact our partners directly through our key contact page.

For some recent facts and figures about INASP's work with Tanzania, see this factsheet (1Mb).

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Tanzania (United Republic of)

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