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INASP negotiates with international publishers for free national licenses for selected e- journals and e-books for Nepal. To find out what is available to researchers in Nepal, click on 'Research literature' below. We also encourage people to download and use the training materials we have developed to support access to and production of research.

We support local research communication through our AuthorAID project. This includes research writing courses, an active discussion list and a mentoring platform that matches early career researchers to more experienced researchers.

Research literature

Here you can find information on what is available to researchers and students in your country.

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Our publications

Here you can find publications, such as case studies and reports, relating to your country.

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Our partners

Here is a list of our partners, such as consortia, organisations and institutions in your country.

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Key Contacts

We work with individuals including academics, librarians, publishers and policy makers. Here you can find a list of our contacts and partners in Nepal.

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Here you can find: detail on what is happening in your country; lists of research literature accessible through our subscribed resources registration system; relevant publications; and information on our key contacts and partners.

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